How Returns From Pittsburgh Real Estate Stack Up to Returns From the Stock Market

While challenging to compare, the outcome for those who get in early on a new company or in a neighborhood undergoing revitalization offers potential for fantastic returns. With stocks, if the company does well, you do well. With real estate investments, you grow wealth through your earned equity from appreciation; the amount you’ll earn leveraging your equity and the positive monthly cash flow you’ll earn from your rentals depend on many variables. In addition, just as you’d review the investment for the best possible stock available, where real estate is involved, the location is as essential as the property type. These factors will play a significant role in the property’s long-term value and returns on your investment. 

You should diversify the seeds you plant today for the returns that will carry you through your retirement. It’s best to have several income streams among several asset classes, including the most commonly known, real estate and stocks. The reason is simple; diversity adds a cushion against an economic downturn in one market sector; however, you must strategically plan out your selection of investments to gain the most returns. There are also tax advantages to real estate to consider. And real estate is tangible and cannot disappear overnight. So read on as we explore how the returns from Pittsburgh real estate stack up to returns from the stock market. Please note that this article is for informational purposes, not financial or legal advice.


The BRRRR method of investing in real estate is a great way to watch the returns from Pittsburgh real estate stack up to returns from the stock market. As a result, BRRRR, or buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat, is a reliable investment strategy that will quickly build wealth in your real estate portfolio. When you know your market and can zero in on a bargain property in distress with all the right stuff, you can flip the property, rent it and then borrow against the equity from the ARV, or after repair value. When you work with local professional buyers like those at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP, you will have a full-service in-house team of industry pros to handle everything, making the process smooth and easy. 


If you’d prefer a faster way to watch your returns from Pittsburgh real estate stack up against returns from the stock market, flipping houses brings a quick influx of cash with large profits. Unlike the BRRRR method of holding properties, flipping involves finding Pittsburgh houses, usually fixer-uppers in which they invest to add value, then sell within a short period. From locating the best investment property available in Pittsburgh, the rehab and even property management, the professional buyers at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP are ready to help you start on the right foot with your Pittsburgh real estate portfolio.


The multifamily sector, be it a duplex or large complex,  is another way to watch the returns from Pittsburgh real estate stack up to returns from the stock market. One of the benefits of a multifamily property is the option of house hacking or living in one of your units to reduce your overhead. When you review records of potential multifamily property investment, it’s important to note that the returns you see reflect the success of their property management. Each area of this field is as important as the next, from targeted marketing that meets industry standards to tenant screening and placement as well as day-to-day management and maintenance. In addition, multifamily properties provide the opportunity for economy of scale, given their features of the shared roof and other amenities, with one service call covering multiple units.

The professional buyers at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP are the best at what they do and can help you earn the highest possible returns from Pittsburgh real estate, so you can see precisely how easy it is to watch them stack up to returns from the stock market. The professional buyers at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP are your neighbors who live and work in Pittsburgh and have built a career around real estate investments. These seasoned experts can teach you the ropes and help you avoid costly errors that often derail new investors. Find out how easy it is to build your real estate portfolio with the pros at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP and their team, from attorneys to property management; we handle it all. You can rest well at night knowing the professional buyers at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP and their team are on your side, keeping you up to date on upcoming market trends, zoning changes, and the like to help you adjust your strategy as needed. Now, if you feel something is holding you back from getting started, the professional buyers at DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP can help you over your hurdles. And don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of the best Pittsburgh investment properties available. Call DANE REAL ESTATE GROUP at 412-812-2551. 

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